Commissions are designed to serve as the central hub for all church Activities. Commissioners serve on the Council of Elders as the leadership body of the community.

Baba Gregory E. Hodge

Missionary Leader

The Missionary Leader of the Wo’se Community shall be the primary spokesperson for our movement. He/she shall be a person who has evidenced through practice and study the calling of the Creator upon their life. He/she shall be a person who, through consistent and dedicated work for African people throughout his/her life, has proven to hold our aspiration of a return to our Way as the desire closest to his/her heart. The Missionary Leader shall have particular skills in the arts of eloquence and public speaking, critical reading and analysis of current events, be a believer in and an utterer of the Way of Ma’at, and shall have demonstrated a depth of understanding of the freedom writings of our Way.

The Missionary Leader shall be the chief spiritual advisor for the community and shall be an ex-officio member of all Commissions and committees that make up the Wo’se Community. The main focus of the Missionary Leader’s work shall be through the Commission of Spiritual Life and Assistance.

Mama Pam Williams

Commission of Economic Planning and Development

This commission’s purpose is the development and administration of the financial, economic, and material resources of the Community. The Commission’s goals shall be to insure self-efficiency by the creation, establishment, and operation of institutions and corporations which provide for the economic stability, vitality” and well-being of the Community through the promotion of cooperative economics on all levels.

Baba Jahi Awakoaiye

Commission of Community Development and Training

The purpose of the Commission is to create programs to train, upgrade, and develop expertise in all fields of knowledge which are necessary for the growth and development of the people of the Community.

Mama Carol Afua

Commission of Pan-African Affairs

The purpose of this Commission is the creation and development of information and resource networks between the Community, the Mission Program, and other organizations and entities dedicated to the advancement of African peoples on all levels.

Baba Sidney Coulter

Commision of Community Service

The purpose of this commission is to promote the internal well-being of the people of the Community by providing links to essential human services.”

Momma Akanke Peyton

Commission of Intelligence and Security

This commission focuses on the protection of the members and the assets of the Community.

MIT Tracy T. Brown

Commission of Spiritual Life and Assistance

The Commission’s purpose is projecting the spirituality of the Wo’se Community to itself and to those on the outside. The Commission’s goal shall be to develop guidance and spiritual insight into the African Peoples Community Church Movement.

Mama Darnisha Wright

Commission of Circle Affairs

The focus of this commission is the development of interlocking networks for the purpose of communications and outreach within the Wo’se Community.

Photo credit: Baba Anyika Nkululeko